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Successful major companies and organisations in both the private and the public sector recognise that investing in training is vital for future success. However, increasingly in this tight economic climate, everyone is looking at how they can improve their commitment to staff training at the same time as cutting costs.

At SOL, our outsourced training programs will save you money and provide more effective and targeted results, while at the same time keeping you firmly in the driving seat. Different training programs have different goals and objectives. Business owners want to know how such training programs can help them achieve their business goals. They ask mind bothering questions like:

  • Does the training help staff to increase productivity?
  • After the training, will staff be able to produce higher quality products?
  • Will staff be able to learn new skills by attending your training?

We don't just state the benefits of attending training; we discuss training goals in our articles as well. Business owners or hr managers will need such info before they decide whether to learn more about the programs you offer. The increasingly competitive nature of the economy, demographic, occupational and workplace changes have had a significant impact on the nature of the workplace. For this reason it’s imperative that the skill level of employees be continuously developed. Workplace learning is seen as integral to remaining competitive.

  • Client specific target customer/account profile.
  • Internal sales closure processes
  • Lead generation, database build and surveys.
  • Sales conversion tracking mechanism.

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