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SOL is the right option for you to put additional feet on the street to push your retail products whether you are a start-up company looking to get your product to the market before your competitors or a medium or large corporate organizationlooking for a breakthrough in revenue growth via the launch of new and repackaged products, or you are seeking to enter into new markets or new industry.

Our sales solution is a ’’true’’ business process outsourcing model whereby the sales team is exclusively recruited, trained and managed for each client.

After understanding your product and your target market, we match your company with a specific solution uniquely created for your business needs.

At Strategic Outsourcing Limited, we know there is no single outsourced sales solution that will work equally well for all business models. However, we won't try to fit your unique business into a pre-configured outsourced sales solution.

We continuously endure to protect our client’s brand hence each sales agent represents only one client at a time.

The end result is outsourced sales services that improves your company's profitability and exceed your expectations. Our unique approach to outsourced business sales solutions is what separates us from our competitors.

The improved business relationships and increase in market share from our outsourced sales services is what will separate you from your competitor.

Our Skills

Employment Management 100%
Training and Development 90%
Recruitment and Performance Management 95%
Reward System Management 85%