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Welcome to our trusted hub for streamlined and personalised personnel and HR business process outsourcing. We specialise in enabling organisations to achieve their goals through exceptional services. Join us to unlock your potential, whether you are a client seeking tailored solutions or a candidate ready to make an impact.

Managed Staff Services

Staff Services

Discover the pinnacle of workforce management with our Managed Staff Services, where excellence meets tailored solutions for businesses and job seekers. Let us handle the intricacies of staffing and human resources while you focus on your core competencies.

Temporary Staff Services

Staff services

Unlock the potential of your business with Temporary Staff Services. Whether you're a client seeking swift access to diverse talent or a job seeker navigating opportunities, our flexible solutions ensure seamless scalability and success during peak seasons. Empower your workforce journey with us.

Domestic Staff Services

Staff services

Experience seamless living with our Domestic Staff Services. We provide competent drivers, skilled housekeepers, reliable governesses, caregivers and nannies tailored for a harmonious home. Elevate your lifestyle with our trusted services.

Payroll Management Services

Management Services

Simplify payroll complexities with our Payroll Management Services. From accurate processing to compliance, we offer streamlined solutions. Focus on growth while we handle payroll efficiently for your business success.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

We streamline talent acquisition with expert sourcing, efficient screening, and strategic placement, ensuring the right fit for your organisation's success. Your workforce transformation starts here.

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Regulatory Services

Navigate corporate compliance effortlessly with our Corporate Regulatory Services. We process Pencom, ITF and other employment-related compliance certificates to ensure your business operates seamlessly within the legal framework. Your compliance journey starts here.

Let's help build a team for your Business.

Our recruitment system is designed to locate, evaluate, hire, and assign qualified applicants which have been selected after thorough background checks.

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Strategic Outsourcing limited is licenced by the Federal Government of Nigeria and commenced business in 2006 and has built a record of excellent services.


We have managed over 100,000 employees for clients since inception and have significant experience in many sectors including banking, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc

Happy Clients

We have assisted over 250 customers in achieving their targeted business outcomes, boosting income, and reducing the risks associated with conducting busines.

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