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Businesses achieve profitability with positive outcomes as we help them in sales advisory. SOL is a place where you get advisors that provide excellent customer services which is paramount to the company and the individual.

We provide you with advisors who can advise your customers on the advantages of buying and their after sales services of the products they are interested in. The advisor works more with the customers and answers any questions they might have. To advise on the product that they're buying as to why is a good idea, to ask questions, and by law state clearly and wait for a response to if they would like to take the offer and if unwanted to see as to why but no more than three times as can be construed as harassment, and must always present it as a choice they cannot say you have to etc...

Our Skills

Employment Management 100%
Training and Development 90%
Recruitment and Performance Management 95%
Reward System Management 85%