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Why you might need our statutory compliance outsourcing services:

  • Statutory agencies at all levels have become more aggressive with the enforcement of statutes and regulations, in part, due to the dwindling revenue of the country.
  • The drive to generate internal revenue through taxes, levies, charges and penalties, makes the business environment more challenging.
  • The consequence of this is that businesses now face the added need to comply with a daunting multitude of Federal, State, and Local legislation and regulations.
  • Sometimes, ensuring compliance or addressing existing liabilities stretch internal resources
  • We timeously work with our clients to assure compliance: playing a role that goes beyond advisory; we offer end-to-end Subscription-Based and Fee-Based Services
  • Whether you choose our subscription-based or fee-based services, you enjoy the following tangible benefits:
    1. You are assured of an establishment of sound corporate governance.
    2. You are afforded an opportunity to focus on strategic business issues.
    3. You have timely compliance and adherence to applicable statutes
    4. You avoid penalties and potential litigation for non-compliance.
    5. You have lower overheads due to affordable subscription rates.
    6. You maintain accurate records.
    7. You are offered indemnity for any error and omission of our team

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