5 Must-Have’s in A Good Nanny

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited December 7, 2020, 2:41 pm

5 Must-Have’s in A Good Nanny

In Nigeria, many high-achieving professionals run the rat race. They work tirelessly to make ends meet in a country where the cost of living seems to rise daily. The rat race is very much the norm in this part of the world – even for professionals with young children. 

Demanding work schedules don’t leave parents much time to play as big a role in their child’s development as they’d like. As a result, many people enlist the help of nannies to look after their kids. However, what traits separate a good nanny from a great one?

Below we’ll go into detail about the 5 things you should prioritize in your search for the perfect nanny.

A Genuine Love for Children & Their Company

Nannies understand that they’ll spend the majority of their time with children. Some nannies even joke about how sparingly they communicate with adults sometimes. However, a nanny must genuinely enjoy children’s company. 

A deeply rooted love for kids is the cornerstone of quality childcare. We must never downplay its importance. After all, the recipients of highly personalized childcare enjoy its benefits long after their nannies’ tenures.

So, before getting a nanny, always make sure you’re entrusting your children to someone who cherishes them.

A Basic Understanding of Child Development

One’s childhood is an interesting juncture. A child’s mind is malleable but also fragile. It’s a crucial time in anyone’s development. So, it pays to have a nanny who can offer kids the help they need. 

Your nanny will play a vital role in teaching your child emotional intelligence and people skills. Through a good nanny, your children will learn more about principles, manners and morals. 

Nannies know that the children they serve will one day become adults. However, great live-in nannies always provide a helping hand in your child’s rapid development.


As mentioned earlier, nannies spend the vast majority of their time with children. Although there are many perks to spending time with kids all day, it has its drawbacks as well. For one, children’s cognitive abilities are still developing. So, there are plenty of things they just don’t understand.

Early on, children are all about self-satisfaction and instant gratification. In addition, it takes a lot of patience and discernment to know when to put your foot down with kids. Great nannies know how to strike that balance and how to keep a cheerful disposition around the kids they serve.

A patient nanny always affords your children the space to make their own mistakes. They’re also there to offer your child a helping hand every time they fall.


A great nanny understands that, while on duty, their safety comes after that of they children they serve. This is one of the foremost principles in childcare. A nanny can quickly spot situations that endanger a child’s safety and they react quickly and decisively.

If their instincts fail, they know first aid and can patch up your child with relative ease. Skilled nannies are also experts in food prep safety. After all, choking hazards are common among children and are the last thing any nanny would want on their conscience.

Great Communicator

Few things affect the quality of care a child receives more than how well a nanny communicates with them and their parents. Communication is a major key in any childcare arrangement.

With clear and open communication, there’s a better understanding of the quality of care you expect from your nanny. A good nanny should never be afraid to ask pertinent questions. If they feel they’ll improve the care your child receives, empower them to ask these questions often.

Parents and nannies should talk often enough to allow for regular updates on your child’s wellbeing. One of the perks of getting a nanny is having an extra pair of eyes on your child at all times. If they see anything out of the ordinary, your nanny should inform you with little to no delay.

If you’re in need of a new nanny, we’ve got a proven track record in providing vetted caregivers who always put their best foot forward. Request our services today for a helping hand in your child’s development.

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