Current trends shaping Employee Benefits and Payroll Management in Nigeria

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited November 16, 2023, 4:08 pm

Current trends shaping Employee Benefits and Payroll Management in Nigeria

Employee benefits and payroll management are essential parts of human resources and retaining top talent. 

As the workplace evolves in Nigeria, so do the employee benefits and payroll practices that companies offer. 

Here are some notable trends:

Growing Focus on Health Insurance 

Providing quality health insurance is becoming an important benefit for attracting and retaining talent. 

Companies are partnering with healthcare providers to offer plans that cover inpatient, outpatient, dental, optical, and other care. 

Health insurance gives employees essential access to healthcare.


Rise of Remote and Flexible Work

The pandemic accelerated remote work in Nigeria. Leading companies plan to continue offering flexible remote and hybrid options. 

Employees value the improved work-life balance and flexibility. Payroll partners like SOL enable easy remote payroll management and benefits enrolment.


Automating Payroll Processes 

Many Nigerian firms are automating payroll using cloud-based software to eliminate manual calculations, ensure accuracy, and streamline compliance. 

Solutions like SOL Payroll management system  integrate with banks for seamless payroll runs and provide employee self-service access.


Prioritizing Employee Wellbeing 

Forward-thinking companies are investing in programs to support the mental health, nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being of staff. 

Offerings like counselling, health screenings, gym benefits and mindfulness training help build an engaged, productive workforce. 

For instance, clients and outsourced staff enjoy free counselling sessions with in-house professional counsellors at Strategic Outsourcing Limited.


Rising Popularity of Unlimited Leave

A recent study by Professor Adeola Adeniyi at the University of Lagos found that more companies in Nigeria are adopting unlimited vacation policies. Unlimited vacation policies are gaining traction in Nigeria as employers aim to provide more flexibility.

This empowers employees to take leave when needed instead of accrued days. Strong performers tend to thrive with unlimited leave.


Use of Analytics for Decisions

Companies are leveraging insights on compensation benchmarks, retention risks, turnover costs, recruitment metrics and other data to guide people's decisions and strategy.

By staying current on local trends and employee needs, Nigerian employers can enhance their benefits and payroll programs. This strengthens their ability to recruit and keep top talent.


Remote Work Options Are Here to Stay  

The pandemic triggered a major shift to remote work, with 25-30% of workers expected to stay remote long-term. 

Even as offices reopen, more companies plan to allow long-term remote and hybrid work options. 

They realize employees value the flexibility and work/life balance of working from home.

Companies are recognizing that employees appreciate the flexibility and improved work/life balance that comes with working from home. In response, payroll and benefits providers are updating their systems to allow employees to enrol in benefits and access their pay from any location, not just the office.


The key points are:


- Employees value flexibility and work/life balance enabled by remote work

- Companies acknowledge this and want to support remote work arrangements

- Payroll and benefits systems are being updated to function seamlessly for remote employees, allowing remote access to pay and benefits enrolment.


To attract and retain top talent in today's competitive hiring market, businesses must stay current on workplace and compensation trends. 

Offering desirable benefits and payroll systems plays a key role in that strategy. Employers who respond to the evolving needs of the workforce reap rewards in recruitment, engagement, and retention.


At we ensure that we are on the good side of trends especially as it concerns employee benefits and customized payroll solutions to deliver the automation and insights you need as an employee or employer. Contact us for a demo and quote.

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