How to find a job

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited December 10, 2021, 4:58 pm

How to find a job

How to find a job

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A job search can be a highly challenging task as confirmed by the National Bureau of Statistics, that the rate of unemployment in Nigeria has risen to 33.3% creating an extreme level of anxiety for job seekers as there is more tendency of failing to get the desired job or not getting any at all.


Learning the skills of a successful job search can help bag relevant jobs and advance your career path. 

1. Ask your network for referrals

Network of people

Job search is less productive when the focus is on reaching out to one's contacts and connections. Networking has however been confirmed to be highly effective as better jobs are found within a shorter time frame. This is achieved through referrals from reliable members of staff within a specific company which enables a job seeker to get a choice job leveraging thriving relationships capable of creating trust from a prospective employer.

Referrals can be achieved by communicating regularly with people in one's network circle, offering voluntary service to showcase skill, and maximizing each opportunity to meet them either through formal or social gatherings to flaunt expertise in the field of interest.

2. Try a recruitment agency

Find a recruitment agency

 A recruitment agency performs the dual function of "Job Search" & "Job Match". There are several recruitment agencies with varying degrees of validity and reliability. A key brand in this sector is Strategic Outsourcing Limited which has functioned maximally for more than a decade and a half with a remarkable track of excellence. 

Strategic Outsourcing Limited relieves the burden of rigorous job search as jobs across various thriving industries are advertised and discharged to job seekers with the required skills. Recruitment agencies provide viable job listings thereby, turning up as a smart choice for a successful job search.

3. Leverage your socials

Social Media on a wooden board

Social media can help a job seeker reach out to relevant Organizations in the job market. This however requires a deliberate effort at ensuring a positive self-image by screening information posted on the social media page. 

Social media is a space where both the job seeker and job provider meet. It is therefore important for the aspiring employee to put up an attitude that would attract potential employers and position him as a suitable candidate for the available job openings. Such includes, profile updates with the most recent certification, job roles, newly acquired skills, pieces of training as well as conferences, and proper use of the social media stage to practically display relevant skills and aptitude. 

4. Your resume represents you

A resume acts as a business card. Therefore, it reveals at a glance what roles a job seeker can suitably fill.

The ills of a wrongly constructed resume include a prolonged and rigorous job search with very minimal success. Therefore, the first step to having a dream job is a suitably drafted resume coupled with a concise cover letter. Learn how to write a resume. 

5. Prepare to Ace the interview

Black Man siting on chair waiting with his laptop on his lap

The yardstick for a successful interview is preparation. Preparation reduces anxiety and boosts self-confidence. The interview is a blank cheque for an intending employee to display all potentials that can capture the interest of the interviewer.

Following the tips below is a good idea for a successful interview; 

  • Ensure there is no discrepancy between your personality and what is portrayed in the resume and cover letter.
  • Research the company before going for the interview.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Create a list of likely interview questions and practice the answers.

6. Don't forget to follow up

Marking out the day to follow up

Follow-up after an interview enables a form of bonding and serves as a fertile ground for relationship building. It also reiterates the job seeker's interest in the position and reaffirms him as an excellent candidate for the job. 

Follow-up presented in form of gratitude through a "thank you" call speaks volumes about the attitude of the employee. 

Job search is a game of the survival of the fittest, therefore, the list as regards getting a dream job is not exhaustive. However, know this for sure, 'Someone is somewhere looking for exactly what you have to offer.

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Want to get a job fast? Why not take advantage of the list of available jobs by completing your profile on the SOL Find Jobs page


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