Improving the Quality of Life through the Health Maintenance Insurance Scheme

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited April 1, 2022, 3:44 pm

Improving the Quality of Life through the Health Maintenance Insurance Scheme

Improving the Quality of Life through the Health Maintenance Insurance Scheme @ SOL

Health is wealth, so the saying goes. Health is the real wealth and not silver and gold. Therefore, several organizations have devised a means of assisting their staff to maintain optimum health functioning by making provisions for access to health facilities when ill. The focus is majorly on staff wellbeing which is believed to enhance high productivity.

Health Management Organizations (HMO) are establishments that provide health insurance at a set cost, usually at a reduced cost to individuals across organizations and various works of life. A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is a system or initiative that makes available health insurance coverage for a monthly or annual fee. The idea is to foster easy, and quick access to quality health care. Health care is mandatory as it deals with life and survival. There are four broad categories of health care, they include;

  1. Health promotion.
  2. Disease prevention.
  3. Diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Rehabilitation

Therefore, the goals of a well institutionalized HMO include health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and rehabilitation. 

HMO subscribers pay a monthly or annual premium to have access to medical services in the organization’s network of medical service providers, however, subscribers are limited to receiving their care and services from medical practitioners within the HMO network. 

The Health Management Scheme comes in varying bundles or plans. These plans usually include basic, silver, gold and diamond, etc. There are always variations as regards services offered by each of these plans. Also, the financial commitment differs. HMO plans engage the participants to receive medical care services from an assigned provider known as the primary care physician (PCP). However, they all provide quality health services within the capacity of financial commitment.

HMO at Strategic Outsourcing Limited

All staff are entitled to HMO services at Strategic Outsourcing Limited. The process of enrollment includes;

  1. Submission of personal details through the form filled at onboarding.
  2. Recent Passport Photographs.
  3. E-copy of the HMO ID would be sent to your e-mail
  4. Access to quality health care precisely 1 month after employment.

Benefits of HMO at SOL

  1. Health care at affordable costs to employees due to the financial pool from a large group of people.
  2. Flexibility in choice of medical facilities. Staff enjoy the freedom of choice of hospital. The choice may be based on proximity, speciality, goodwill, etc.
  3. Staff have access to the contacts of the medical team at SOL should they have difficulties or challenges with their health facilities. E.g. need to change hospital, poor customer service in the chosen hospital.
  4. Constant upgrade of medical services offered based on feedback from staff.


It is important to state that the HMO has a huge number of benefits despite the several allegations laid against the initiative, it has saved quite a large percentage of individuals a lot of stress as regards health, disease prevention and management.

  1. It has reduced the incidences of self-medication which has made minor health issues deteriorate into major health crises.
  2. HMO reduces the financial burden of health challenges on individuals.
  3. There is better access to experts in the various fields of medicine. Referrals are also done with minimal stress and intense follow-up.
  4. Quality of care is usually higher with HMO than with random or regular health care facilities.

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