Quality Recruitment; The bedrock for an effective work force

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited February 9, 2023, 3:36 pm

Quality Recruitment; The bedrock for an effective work force

Quality Recruitment; The bedrock for an effective workforce

Recruitment is supposed to be a win-win for both the employer and the employee. Hence, if this is not achieved, there will be a disgruntled staff and a frustrated employer. This article will clear the air on what quality recruitment is, types of recruitment, the importance of a quality recruitment process and who does it best.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment refers to the total process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring, and onboarding new staff for organizations. 

Research has shown that an organization is as strong as its recruitment processes. Recruitment of a qualified and well-skilled workforce is the best bargain an organization can have. The scarcity of suitable personnel for each job role in an organization is equal to a loss of competitive advantage and goodwill. Therefore, world-class Organizations would ensure a highly effective recruitment process and policy.

Types of recruitment

There are two major types of recruitment, which are:

  1. The Internal Recruitment
  2. The External Recruitment


We would take one at a time:

  1. Internal Recruitment: Internal recruitment simply means hiring employees within the organization. This means that staff from the same organization are being employed internally to fill up roles and positions. At the time of recruitment of employees, the initial consideration should be given to those employees who are currently working within the organization. 


This is an important source of recruitment, which provides opportunities for the development and utilization of the existing human resource. It also saves time, money, and effort. However, a drawback of internal recruitment is that it refrains the organization from new blood. Also, not all the manpower requirements can be met through internal recruitment. The various components of internal recruitment include Promotions, transfers, recruiting former employees, internal job postings etc.

  1. External Recruitment: External sources of recruitment must be solicited from outside the organization. External recruitment simply means hiring staff outside the organization. This involves resources, time, and money. Employment plans such as advertisements, employment exchanges, employment agencies, labour contractors, recommendations etc. could be used to drive external recruitment. 


Why is a quality recruitment process important for your business?

             A quality recruitment process does the following.  

  • Saves Time: A good recruitment process can minimize the time involved in searching, interviewing, and hiring candidates. It can streamline these processes and make your search for viable candidates much more efficient.


  • Provides the benefit of acquiring top talents: Talent acquisition is a strategy used in recruitment that focuses on finding, attracting, hiring, growing, and retaining top talents in an organization. A standard recruitment process ensures that organizations have the best of top talents. 


  • Maintains company focus: A divided attention limits productivity. Multitasking increases the chances of making mistakes, it reduces expertise, causes anxiety, decreases creativity, and reduces focus on the vision and mission of the Organization. A quality recruitment process provides suitable personnel for each major job role in your organization. Tasks are accomplished with the speed of light and clients keep coming with referrals because of a satisfying customer experience.


  • Advertises the Brand: A quality recruitment is the best kind of advertisement an organization can ever have. The recruitment team is the first-stop for clients, and candidates. This interaction creates more lasting effect than the most impressive advert. Hence a quality recruitment process creates a positive image for the organization.


  • Prevents or Reduces Operational Risk:  Operational risk is the risk of financial losses and negative social performance related to failed people, processes, and systems. A quality recruitment process reduces or prevent most operational risks. Failed people is the primary cause of operational failure. Several businesses have been negatively affected by the poor quality of their human capital. A quality recruitment process pools the best of human resource to organization.

We Do It Best

Outsourcing your recruitment services is a great way to help your business as it progresses through its various growth stages. Over the past 16 years, SOL has proven to be the number one outsourcing service in Nigeria.

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  • SOL provides a replacement for any selected candidate rejected by the Client, unavailable for work, or disengaged from the Client's services. 
  • SOL ensures that the service provider obtains at least two guarantees issued by separate guarantors of good and verifiable standing from every Staff deployed to the Client.




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