Save Yourself The Trouble... Let’s Help You Attract the Right Talents

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited July 17, 2020, 11:39 am

Save Yourself The Trouble... Let’s Help You Attract the Right Talents

As a business leader, courting the right customers and attracting the best talent to your team are fundamental ingredients for reaching your set goals, achieving organizational success, and gaining or maintaining a competitive edge over other industry players. While both factors work hands in glove, just about every top executive knows that attracting the right talents would afford him or her a shorter route to reaching the customer. Be that as it may, going through the trouble of finding the diamond in the rubble often starts off very promising, but most times ends up as a pretty kettle of fish. A 2016 survey of global CEO's by Conference Board in which “Failure To Attract and Retain Top Talent” was considered top among other issues of concern, ahead of economic growth and competitive intensity, brings this reality into perspective.

The importance of attracting the right talent to an organization cannot be overstated; but allotting the necessary time, attention, energy and other resources that go into reaching this crop of employees can prove herculean in the face of competing business needs, especially considering current economic realities. Consequently, many companies often end up with a transitory hiring relief, which is costly to the bottom-line in the long run, and ultimately sends business morale in a downward spiral.

According to McKinsey’s War of Talent 2000 Global survey, “82 percent of companies don’t believe they recruit highly talented people.” However, like all business leaders, you want to woo the very best talent to your corner; you are interested in motivated, creative, skilled, and experienced talents who are a good fit for your corporate culture because they are valuable and scarce. For this reason, it becomes a necessity that you quit playing in the crowd and take advantage of our Recruitment Service. With a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over a decade in Human Resources, SOL helps businesses take charge of all or part of their recruitment processes, providing you with a pool of the best available talents. How would this work for you? We’ll show you.


The relationship between quality talent and business growth is phenomenal. The same survey from McKinsey found that “superior talent is up to eight times more productive than average ones.” Besides, the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee’s first-year income, the U.S. Department of Labor has said. At SOL, we understand the difficulties involved in attracting top talents. So we help you sort and source the best fit for your job from a pool of top candidates in our continually updated database. At that, our team of recruiters are specialists in identifying and delivering top talents, following prevailing industry standards. We also offer varying pre-employment tests to assess and confirm suitability for specific roles.


One of the mistakes companies make when trying to procure quality hires is thinking that the process is a one-way street. On the contrary, best-performing enterprises recognize that top talents are fixated on finding the right place to deploy their skills, just as businesses are focused on attracting them. In this regard, we have meticulously trained our team of recruiters to adequately manage the interview process, successfully presenting themselves and our clients to the candidates. You’ll agree with us that sourcing and managing the interview process in-house often requires the HR Personnel and line managers to devote time, which run into days and sometimes into long weeks, causing them to jettison other integral business functions with considerable impact on the bottom-line. Then, if they do not find the talent they seek, they are compelled to repeat this cycle. That’s why we’re here to spare you this waste of time, energy, and other resources, helping you and your leadership team to focus on the crucial task of running your business.


The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) pegged Nigeria’s unemployment rate at 23.1% in Q3 2018. Subsequently, economic experts predicted that this might rise to 33.5% in 2020. Now, considering the economic distress occasioned by the current global pandemic, unemployment levels may hit 40-45% by YE 2020, according to LCCI. This outlook portends that there would be a barrage of applications for job openings, thereby further crowding the field and making it more difficult to find the very right talents. The main thrust of SOL’s recruitment policy is saving you the time and trouble, by sieving through the pool of applicants on your behalf, and recommending only the top three candidates for each position.

Reduced Cost

In the light of current economic realities, the urge to cut HR costs as part of cost-saving measures to optimize business performance would eventually exacerbate the trouble of identifying and attracting the most talented people for the job. At SOL, our recruitment fees are standardized and affordable. So we offer you top talents at a comparatively reduced. As an added benefit, we also replace any staff that resigns within the first three months at no extra cost to you.

Background Checks

Besides the disappointment of ending up with the wrong talent and its strain on the business, another issue of concern to business leaders is the risks associated with employing someone with a questionable character. To afford you the rest of mind needed to run your business profitably, we painstakingly carry out comprehensive background checks by reviewing and verifying criminal records, employment history, and other eligibility requirements of prospective employees.

Lastly, we also offer you Speed!

With our nationwide spread across 20 locations within Nigeria, we prioritize recruiting the best talents in proximity to our clients’ business locations, thereby ensuring speedy service delivery. Our record of deploying 500 personnel nationwide to one of our clients within two weeks is a badge of honour that has established our reputation for prompt delivery of the best talents to clients.

If you are ready to hire quality talents, avoid the hassles involved, save resources, and carry out due diligence on your employees, we would love to help you. All you need to get started is to request our service, and you can say goodbye to your recruitment troubles.

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