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Goal Hunting Skills For 2023

in Informational

In this article, we’re going to talk about why it’s important to write your goals down and how you can do so in a way that will help you accomplish them. We also have some tips for making sure that you stay focused on the things that matter most....

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited January 13, 2023, 11:24 am

Useful Tips for Requesting a Salary Increase

in Statutory Compliance Newletter Informational

It is important to know that it is highly acceptable to request for a salary raise. However, there are certain tips you must consider before approaching your employer for a raise....

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited August 3, 2022, 11:51 pm

Mid-Year Performance Review

in management Newletter Informational

The energy for goal achievement reduces drastically towards the end of the first quarter of the year and by the end of the first six months, most goals must have been abandoned. The mid-year performance review assists to re-analyze goals, re-focus targets, and re-strategize....

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited July 6, 2022, 5:26 pm

The Purpose of Workplace Discipline

in management Newletter Informational

Workplace Discipline is a culture imbibed by employers and superiors to create and sustain a suitable operative structure as well as manage the activities of employees and subordinates....

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited April 30, 2022, 8:28 pm

Security Emergency and Personal Responsibility for Safety

in Newletter Informational

Security challenges have been a throbbing pain in the neck of Nigerians and the government has made endless promises that are yet to see the light of the day. Citizens, therefore, have the personal responsibility to ensure they adhere to all safety precautions while they go about their daily activities....

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited April 1, 2022, 3:57 pm


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