Ten Handy Tips That Would Greatly Enhance Success In Your Recruitments

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited October 27, 2020, 11:05 am

Ten Handy Tips That Would Greatly Enhance Success In Your Recruitments

So many recruitment exercises fall flat in achieving the desired objective, which is – getting that one candidate that is most suited to meet the needs of the employer. Many a time, the ‘successful’ candidate still falls short of the expectations duly spelled out during the exercise. "Why does this keep happening?" you may ask. That's because it is not just enough to have the right recruitment skills. Other factors make for a more rounded recruitment exercise – that is, there are things you need to know that can help you achieve better success. 

Like in a jigsaw puzzle, these factors function like some missing bits of the recruitment puzzle; they come in to fit in with your other skills to help you achieve just the right result. They are not only helpful but are enormously beneficial because, if you use them rightly, you can leverage your existing resources to achieve much; so much that would have been impossible without them.

Often, many organizations still employ a common-sense approach to recruitment. They only look at the candidate’s profile and ask the right questions related to the job. But in many instances, especially in today’s technologically driven business world, such an approach is not sufficient to deliver the goods. The efforts amount to a waste of company resources in terms of time and funds that could have been for more productive uses. In this article, we offer some handy tips that will help you and your team always get the very right candidates and achieve a beautiful outcome with your recruitment goals.

Showcase Your Brand and Culture

Long before any recruitment needs arise in your organization, and way before the vacancy announcement stage, you need to showcase your brand and your culture. That is because attracting the right candidates for the process is fundamental for success in the outcome. Your brand is unique to you, and there is a need to promote it. Your organization’s culture is vital and may enhance the willingness of the best candidates to choose your company. Thus, it is crucial to exhibit and showcase things that promote your organization’s brand and culture on your websites, social media pages, and other company social assets.  Alongside this, you should project things that portray your mission, vision, core values, human relations, or certain aspects of your organization's corporate social responsibility. Stuff like that inspire the right people to get interested in your company even before you will need them.


Always Evaluate Your Current Employees’ Performance

It may pay to look internally first. It’s always good to look internally to identify what the challenges of the organization may be. Looking at the efficiency of your staff strength, their areas of weaknesses and the skills you require from the candidate you will need to fill any gaps is a step in this direction. If anyone within the organization is qualified for that vacancy, it will be best to use such a person and then look for the person's replacement instead. 


Use a Team In the Recruitment Process

Although this is overlooked by a lot of organizations, using a team may have a profound impact on the outcome of your recruitment process. The advantage is that there will be more than one person to vet or review the progress or qualities of an applicant. Also, when you use a team, it would help in avoiding cognitive biases that may be associated with an individual, which the others can readily point out. If you don't have qualified staffers that can constitute a recruitment team, it would be best to use an outsourcing firm as they house professionals who are very conversant with the workings and best practices associated with a typical recruitment process.


Adopt Computer-Based Tools

In the current times where you can get almost all information at the click of a button, it is best to stay up-to-date with digital tools and facilities that will enhance the success of your recruitment exercise. Today, digital apps and software can help you sieve through job applications and resumes to identify which ones best match your requirements. There are also apps and software that can help in sending out job vacancies as well as invites for interviews. Strikingly, these apps make life easy.  Social media applications like Linkedin and Facebook also play a crucial role in the recruitment process. They allow you to check out applicants' backgrounds and other information that may give you an insight into an applicant's personality. That does not encourage cyberstalking, but it gives you an idea of the individuals that may be working with you. 


Specify the Qualities You Need

It is pertinent to streamline the qualities or qualifications you require from candidates to narrow down the number of suitable and qualified candidates for the job. For instance, you may include the age bracket, educational qualification, work experience, etc. When you identify the necessary qualifications, years of experience, and required skillset, it reduces the risk of having too many job seekers applying for the job. As such, there will be a smaller list from which to screen. It also reduces the chances of employing someone who doesn't have the proper experience and skillset for the position.


Restructure Your Interview Process

It is necessary to conduct an interview that is straight to the point to avoid wasting time on frivolities. Whether the recruiter is an individual or a team, it pays to be well equipped in the area of vetting and interviewing candidates. The recruiter(s) must be able to identify legal stipulations and ethical guidelines that will help in assessing the qualifications of the applicant(s). It is also advisable to create an opportunity that would see applicants interact with already existing company staff. That would go a long way in assessing their interpersonal relationship capabilities and attitude to work.


Place Priority on Applicants’ Communication

During the recruitment process, it is best to seek out what the prospective candidates think of your company and its brand. If they come to understand that your company will allow them to explore their talent and also grow their expertise, it would be easier to convince the best candidate for the job to accept your terms.


Have a Good Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

That is perhaps one of the most crucial components if you must have a great recruitment process. The ATS will help you trail the progress of your applicants from the time of application to when they are employed. That is an automated system, which requires that you use up-to-date digital tools. You can search to identify the ATS that best suits your company.   


Promote An Employee Referral System

There is no doubt that some category of employees may know someone who will best fill a vacant position, although they might be scared to voice out their opinions. If there is a vacancy, it may be wise to ask your trusted employees if they have an idea of anyone that can suitably fill up the vacancy first. That way, there may not be a need for the whole job recruitment process, or at best, it may shorten the time frame within which to organize a recruitment process from start to finish.

Outsource The Process

In today's fast-paced business environment, the best approach to securing round pegs for your round holes when it comes to recruitment – which is just what you need – is outsourcing the process. Outsourcing companies like SOL have an assemblage of professional recruiters who, armed with the technical know-how, best practices, and a database of choice candidates in different business sectors scattered around various locations in Nigeria, readily deploy their expertise to achieve the recruitment goals of clients. 

Final words

Additionally, there are a couple of other tips that can influence and help you achieve excellent outcomes in your recruitment. That includes being specific with expectations and knowing how to spark interest in choice applicants. As pointed out earlier, recruitment isn't an easy process. But when you meet the objectives and expectations, it's worth all the while. However, while getting the right candidates would help to advance your company’s goals, getting the wrong ones, apart from amounting to a waste of time and other resources, would certainly crush those goals.

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