The Secrets to SOL Drivers’ Success

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited November 20, 2020, 11:39 am

The Secrets to SOL Drivers’ Success

In Nigeria, having a personal driver isn’t an exclusive privilege reserved for the country’s ultra-rich. In fact, many middle-class families here hire drivers to handle picking up and dropping off their kids at school, daily commutes to and from work, and a number of other tasks.

Drivers play an underrated role in any functioning household. Navigating Nigeria’s roads calls for skill, a steady hand and a cooler head than most. Among those things, our drivers also prioritize the following traits to provide their employers top tier service every time.


It goes without saying that punctuality is one of the most desirable traits in a personal driver. There’s no greater display of professionalism than consistently showing up on time. Our drivers’ emphasis on punctuality goes far beyond pleasing their employers.

When a driver shows up early, it gives them a head start on their new day. After all, punctuality breeds preparedness, and a busy Nigerian road is the last thing you want to face with an unprepared driver.

In Nigeria, a chauffeur’s punctuality can be a make or break factor. The slightest delay could double your travel time and throw your whole day out of whack. Request our services now for a punctual, professional personal driver.


Personal drivers in Nigeria quickly become integral parts of their employers’ households. When a driver spends extended periods of time in a car with their bosses or their bosses’ kids, they learn a great deal about the people and families they serve. After all, being someone’s personal driver is a very intimate position.

Sometimes, drivers overhear conversations or notice changes in their bosses’ routines. A model professional understands that privacy is one of the foremost principles of being a personal driver. They keep information close to the vest and make sure to never divulge it to anyone who may bring harm to their employers. Thus, our drivers’ rule of thumb is to keep their lips sealed and keep both hands on the wheel. Request our services now for drivers who don’t offer your information to strangers.

People Skills

Our drivers understand that their jobs are extended customer service roles. This simply means that, no matter how long their tenure, they must consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to meet their employers’ needs.

One of our clients’ most unaddressed needs is good-natured, cordial interaction with their drivers. Given the amount of time drivers spend with their employers, conversation is bound to spring up now and again.

So, the expert driver should not only be a great navigator but an able conversationalist as well. For our softer-spoken, less charismatic drivers, we train them to be extremely polite, to always extend greetings and pleasantries to their employers and to gain a keen understanding for when to start conversation and when to let their boss ride in silence.

For a more sociable driver, get in touch with us immediately. Request our services now.

Hygiene & Personal Grooming

At SOL, our drivers understand that they are a representation of their employers. Thus, we teach them to be meticulous about their appearance and to place great importance on their personal grooming. To them, a well-kept appearance communicates a healthy respect for themselves and for their employers. 

As Nigeria manages Coronavirus, personal drivers in Nigeria must be hyper alert about their hygiene – especially in the car. We encourage our drivers to wash their hands often, to stock up on hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and to clean their steering wheels and arm rests. 

An SOL driver always does what they can to protect the safety of those they serve.

For many years, SOL has boasted a strong track record in providing personal drivers to both private individuals and businesses. If you’re looking for a personal chauffeur, look no further than SOL. Request our services now.

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