Useful Tips for Requesting a Salary Increase

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited August 3, 2022, 11:51 pm

Useful Tips for Requesting a Salary Increase

Useful Tips For Requesting a Salary Increase

•  You want a pay raise? 


•  When is it a good time to ask for salary increase? 


•   How should you ask for a salary increase? 


One of the highest motivating factors for many employees is the prospect of high financial reward. Many employees would likely jump on the next available job offer, if there were a possibility of a better pay, most would not consider other important indices if there is a wide margin in present and expected financial renumeration. Salary raise is the dream of all employees. However, most people cringe at the thought of expressing this desire. Sometimes, employees feel awkward about initiating the conversation due to fear or the possibility of being misjudged as being greedy, forward or losing commitment to work.

It is important to know that it is highly acceptable to request for a salary raise. However, there are certain tips you must consider before approaching your employer for a raise. They include but not limited to the following 


  1. Ensuring your job performance appraisal is high over time. This has to do with consistency in how you perform your job roles as expected. 
  2. Ensuring that the organization is not in recession. At times, it is possible that an employee is due for a raise, sometimes the current organization’s financial position may not permit such a raise. Employee should be strategic and empathic when initiating the conversation of a salary raise. 
  3. Ensuring you do not have records of disciplinary actions within the nearest possible season.  
  4. Getting awards for service of excellence within the period of engagement. 
  5. Acquisition of additional academic or professional qualification(s). Continuous personal and professional development especially in areas related to improving employee’s performance on the job and invariably increasing employees current and potential output can help to qualify one for a salary increase. 
  6. Job responsibility enlargement i.e. additional job roles/ Volunteered extra duties in the recent past. While every employee has their job descriptions clearly stated, an employee with a ‘productivity mindset’ and performs other roles that foster productivity is counted as an asset. Go the extra mile. 
  7. Business relationship preservation and enrichment. Have you contributed in creating positive public awareness and maintaining already existing relationships within and outside the organization. 
  8. Role model for colleagues to emulate. 
  9. Display leadership roles at various instances.


These make you the kind of employee an employer would want to retain. It is only at this point that you can successfully ask for a salary raise. Employers treasure employees that are assets and not liabilities. Highly efficient employee deserves a raise as they would always provide return on investment for the salary raise. 


However, a non-productive employee keeps incurring costs and would not enjoy an applaud when salary raise is on the table. 

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