Why Trust should beat Navigational Skills in your driver search

by Strategic Outsourcing Limited January 25, 2021, 3:03 pm

Why Trust should beat Navigational Skills in your driver search

Being a personal driver in Nigeria is a role that few people will ever envy. Drivers are the unsung heroes of every job commute and school run. They’re absolutely essential. However, have we stopped to think, “What’s the most important trait a driver can have?” Perhaps it’s punctuality. Nigeria and its unpredictable circumstances always test one’s punctuality. Now, although a driver who sticks to time is key, we don’t think it’s the most important trait.

Having sound navigational skills should be expected of any personal driver in Nigeria. However, it’s an unrealistic expectation for anyone to know Lagos’ or any city’s expansive road network by heart. In fact, one could make the case that a driver’s road recall – how effectively they remember a city’s roads – is shaped by their employers’ preference. For instance, a driver’s recall of roads in Surulere might fade if their employer never crosses 3rd Mainland Bridge. 

For many drivers, their navigational skills adapt according to their employers’ needs and the time they’ve spent on their new routes. In fact, even when dealing with the most experienced driver, there’s always somewhere you’d like to go where haven’t been to. So, navigation is a skill that is nurtured according to the demands of whoever the driver serves and not the most important trait a driver can possess. At SOL, we feel our customers deserve something far more important.

Trust is the single most important aspect of the driver-employer relationship. Drivers quickly become integral members of the households they serve. Once a driver has been with their employers long enough, you can’t put much past them. Your personal driver will hear plenty of privileged information about you. However, with a trustworthy driver, this is never a concern. In Nigeria, it’s not uncommon to hear stories about drivers putting their employers’ lives at risk. 

So, how do you get a safe, vetted personal driver in Nigeria? In Nigeria, employment verification can be hit and miss and it opens opportunities for questionable individuals to gain access to your home. As an SOL customer, we’ll ensure that your search for a new driver brings forth the best candidate possible. At SOL, we conduct full background checks on all our personal chauffeurs to screen for past criminal activity and to verify their employment history. In addition to this, we consistently remind them during training about the importance of integrity and trustworthiness on the job.

If you’re looking for a new personal driver, look no further than SOL. We have a proven track record providing drivers to both private individuals and corporate entities. Request our services now.

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