SOL Domestic Staff Service provides Caregivers for your elderly ones. Our Caregivers are caring and compassionate professionals who provide home care assistance to the elderly as well as companionship to them.

Your elderly loved ones may need support to get around the house, get their meals prepared, take their medications as prescribed etc, SOL provides Caregivers dedicated to elderly care under SOL Domestic Staff Service to help with such task and more. So, you don’t have to be distracted on how your elderly loved ones are getting by when we provide and manage the Caregiver for you.

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Our Caregivers

are skilled to provide the following Elderly care services:

Make and keep appointments with doctors.

Provide or arrange transportation

Serve as a companion

Provide other home care assistance.

Support Clients in their daily activities such as bathing and bathroom functions, feeding, grooming, taking medication, Exercise.

Our Clients have Peace of Mind when they get Caregivers from us. While we can do a one-off recruitment, we often recommend our Managed Staff Service to our Clients which means we will recruit and manage the staff. Managing the staff means the Client pays us to Pay the Staff, in event of a need to change the Staff within a stipulated time this comes at no extra cost to the Client etc

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Why you should get Care for your Elderly from us

We will provide you with the best fit for your request.

We will provide you with a suitable elderly care giver who will represent your family value and status.

We will not only recruit an elderly caregiver for you, we can also manage the staff when you choose our managed staff service category.

We ensure to carry out a professional background check on all our applicants.