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Are you interested in increasing the rate of intellectual, social and emotional development of your child(ren)?

Do you want trained, dependable, honest, loyal, trustworthy and professional drivers?

Is background checks crucial and very important to you?

Do you want to save the time and energy involved in the process of hiring and managing Domestic Staff?

All you need to know About Us

SOL Domestic Staff Service is a professional domestic staff service provider that sources, recruits, trains and manages domestic staff in the capacity of Drivers, Nannies, Caregivers, Governesses, etc We were established in 2016.

Our goal is to help our customers with the best professional services in finding the right domestic talent for them.

We absorb employment risks from our clients and give peace of mind. We relive our clients of the demanding task of searching for appropriate domestic helps by providing them access to our professionally screened pool of credible domestic support staff.

With a spread of business offices across Nigeria, our customers have access to our rich pool of credible domestic staff from around the country.

Our operations conform to international best practices, holding the requisite permits and licenses required by law to offer our services and we hold a current ISO 9001-2015 Certificate of Conformity for Quality Management System.

‘’With SOL drivers, you are assured of a smooth ride anywhere, anytime ’’

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Recruitment Only Service

Managed Staff Service

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Benefits of Working with us

We limit the exposure of our clients to employment related statutory and regulatory risks.

We also absorb the burden of managing employment contracts while you enjoy the benefits of employment services

We remove the stress of going through the process of recruiting and managing staff from the client which saves them time, energy and money.

We understand the importance of employing only trusted people as domestic staff; thus, a client seeking the services of a domestic Staff anywhere in Nigeria can be assured that all our candidates are qualified and comprehensive background check is done to ensure their eligibility.


SOL will never request payment from candidates