SOL Domestic Staff Service provides skilled Nannies that take care of children. We understand that the wellbeing of kids is one that is always very important, we therefore provide the best Nanny services to assist you in taking good care of your children.

Getting a professional Nanny for kids goes beyond just finding someone to look after the needs of the children especially in your absence, a Nanny plays a very vital role in the upbringing and development of the child. A Nanny spends time with the child, getting the child ready for school daily as well as providing after school care, therefore, Parents cannot risk having a Nanny that lacks the necessary values to support in taking care of their children. At SOL, we provide Nannies that are dedicated to child care and development under SOL Domestic Staff Service.

Our Nannies go through thorough screening to ensure that they do not expose our clients to any risk. We provide both Live-in and Live-out nanny services depending on which is preferable to the Client

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Our Nannies

assist their employers in the following areas:

Creating a safe and stimulating environment for the children

Planning and preparing their meals

Taking care of children laundry

Arranging indoor and outdoor play activity

Assisting the children in doing their school work

Our Clients have Peace of Mind when they get their Nannies from us. While we can do a one-off recruitment, we often recommend our Managed Staff Service to our Clients which means we will recruit and manage the staff. Managing the staff means the Client pays us to Pay the Staff, in event of a need to change the Staff within 6 months, this comes at no extra cost to the Client.

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Why you should get Nanny Service from us

We will provide you with the best fit for your request.

We will provide you with a suitable Nanny for your child who will represent your family value and status.

We will not only recruit a Nanny for you, we can also manage the staff when you choose our managed staff service category

We ensure to carry out a professional background check on all our applicants