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Interview with one of SOL's top performing sales agent for December 2022

What is top sales performance really? How can you achieve it? In this video, We interviewed one of our top-performing sales agent. He gets into the nitty gritty mechanics of what a high-performing sales agent actually is, and how you can do it too. There are no fancy tricks or gimmicks - this is just good ole hard work, determination, and perseverance. If you're interested below are some links to check out

Below are some points discussed in the first part of the video, watch here

  1. How to be a super sales agent
  2. Tips that would help as a DSA
  3. Principles that would help as a DSA
  4. A great relationship with clients
  5. Integrity to clients
  6. Risk as a DSA
  7. How to know who to partner with as a DSA
  8. Dos and Don't of a DSA
  9. How to source for clients as a DSA
  10. How to handle difficult clients

In the concluding part we discussed the following in the video, watch here

  1. How to handle difficult customers
  2. How to present yourself as a DSA
  3. How to achieve your goals as a DSA
  4. Personal experience
  5. A most exciting moment
  6. Take home for DSA

You too can be featured in the next series as one of SOL's top-performing sales agents, take the bold step and apply for a sales agent position near you. Are you already working with SOL, take a cue from the insights provided by Geoffery.

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