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Interview with one of SOL's top performing sales agent for June 2022

……Tenacity, resilience, focus, relentlessness, and bravery are the pillars of her character. She is an addict to career progressive advancement. Her favourite quote is, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence therefore, is not an act but a habit – Aristotle.  Her greatest weakness is extreme attention to details. Here is a privilege to catch a glimpse of the world of an amazing and highly unique top performing SOL DSA in June. Enjoy the read!

SOL: Welcome here! Chinenye, what makes you, you?

Chinenye: My values, my strengths and my weaknesses.

SOL: At what point did you discover yourself?

Chinenye: Self-discovery is a continuous process. However, I got to discover I could be an exceptional sales person after several failed job search which made me to reluctantly pick-up the Direct Sale Agent offer in 2013. I was determined to be successful and that was my driving force from the word “go”. Each success, and failure helped me in self-discovery even until now.

SOL: What has been your experience as a Direct Sales Agent?

Chinenye: Sometimes, it’s like a bumpy ride, and a times, exciting and interesting. All in all, it is a path worth journeying and my hope is to be a trail blazer as a sale agent.

SOL: What are the triggers for success as a Sales Agent?

Chinenye: Hmmmm, let’s start with what sales require; these include; 

  • Ability to identify a potential customer.
  • High level of persuasive skills.
  • Consistency of effort.
  • Knowledge of the products.
  • Ability to sell the right product to the right person.

Success is dependent on the extent to which a sales agent can doggedly pursue those yardsticks. The pitfall is trying halfway and being tired. 

SOL: On a scale of 1-10, rate your achievements since 2013 when you took this offer.

Chinenye: I have done very well for myself. Financially, I have grown so well over the years. I started with a monthly salary of #18,000 and my first commission was #3000. My last average balance was 7 digits and still growing. I will score myself 8.

SOL: How did you attain this height?

Chinenye: I know my onions. I have a deep knowledge of my products which helps me sell more easily as well as retain my customers. I am proud of what I do. Confident and bold. I am very apt while pitching customers. Always precise and eager to jump on how banking with my bank would benefit them. I am always ready to assist customers. These have endeared me to their hearts. Above all, integrity is a value I prioritize.

SOL: What was your most exciting moment?

Chinenye: Each time I notice an increase in my deposits. I get really excited knowing full well that I am getting richer.

SOL: What about the most unpleasant experience?

Chinenye: I had had to work with a very unnecessarily rigid and difficult superior at a time. I lost so many customers. There was low customer satisfaction and it was really hard for me. However, I could say I survived it and that is why I am still standing!

SOL: How do you wind down?

Chinenye: I am always refreshed and energized each time I achieve a set goal. That is my most favourable way of having leisure. Thinking about the hassles and now the success. I smile and feel a sense of satisfaction, power, superiority and purpose.

SOL: Who is Chinenye in the next five years?

Chinenye: (Smiles) She is a major distributor of Engine Oil in large quantity to both wholesalers and distributors.

SOL: It’s been great having you here.

Chinenye: My pleasure! Thanks for having me!

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