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Interview with one of SOL's top performing sales agent for September 2022

Courage, resilience, tenacity and high commitment are the hallmarks for Alfred who for almost a decade has continuously emerged as one of the outstanding DSAs in his bank nationwide. He therefore deserves the accolade awarded to heroes who despite being born with no spoon at all has acquired himself several silver spoons. Come meet a super-professional sale agent; Enjoy the read!

SOL: Hi Alfred, what comes to the mind of people at the mention of your name?

Alfred: warmth, trust, peace, fun and work.

SOL: What will you title your autobiography?

Alfred: “Winning Against the Tide”.

SOL: What’s is your growing up like?

Alfred: Stormy, bumpy, bleak but empowering. I grew up with a single but energetic parent who believed that there was more to life than our extremely low condition of living. I had always had a target as a young child which was majorly to create a life, the type that we have always envied. A kind of life laced with comfort and affluence. This to a reasonable extent, I have achieved.

SOL: So… Alfred has been “broke”, … but now rich… How did you turn the tide?

Alfred: I determined to bring a change. This impacted all decisions I make in my life including sponsoring my tertiary education by myself. I took my job seriously; I detested comfort zones. I set a goal to always be among the best 10 in my bank nationwide. I ran with the goal and made it a reality and God has been faithful to me.

SOL: How has SOL been impactful in the achievement of your dreams so far?

Alfred: SOL provided the platform for me to achieve my dreams. I joined SOL in 2014 with my OND and later applied for HND while I was still on the job. I graduated in 2018 and now pursuing my Masters in Public Administration. SOL provided a platform that can enhance self-actualization and financial empowerment.

SOL: The Sale Representative job means different things to different individuals; What is a DSA job to you?

Alfred: It is a life-changing tool. A poverty alleviation process... A self-discovery journey…, a ladder to more excellent achievements in life.

SOL: What is your strategy?

Alfred: I focused on the underbanked. I left the markets, offices and other similar places to look for accounts and deposits in areas usually neglected by the majority. I approached the hotels, churches, communities and focused on the unbanked. The first customer I had among them opened an account with 1 million naira. I was madly excited.

SOL: What should the “Dairy of a Sale Representative” look like?

Alfred: 1. Early resumption to work and early departure from the bank for marketing.

           2. Prompt response to customers’ calls.

      3. Checking of cabal at the opening and closing of business.

      4. Do not leave any request unattended to.

  5. Relationship management for customers to enjoy referrals.

    6. Look out for potential customers.

SOL: Customers are highly valued; what line must not be crossed in one’s relationship with customers?

Alfred: Customers are very important; however, wisdom is key;

  1. Do not flout bank rules to please a customer.
  2. Do not have a romantic relationship with your customer.
  3. Do not borrow customer’s money with the intention of paying back later.
  4. Do not collaborate with a customer to defraud the bank or anyone.
  5. Do not present yourself as needy and poverty stricken.
  6. Do not bad mouth your bank before the customers.

SOL: At what point is cash suppression justifiable?

Alfred: Cash suppression is not justifiable at any point at all. The major cause of this is greed. A DSA is like a monkey surrounded with plenty bananas. It might be tempting especially when in dire need of money. Self-discipline and integrity are key. Most cash suppression acts did not begin with the intention but the inability to pay back the money revealed the secret to the world. Therefore, do not use any customer’s money, even for health emergencies.

SOL: What is your retirement plan?

Alfred: My career in the banking sector would progress to the position of a Bank Manager, then I will retire in to my personal business using the principles of banking.

SOL: We have been inspired for better performance. Thank you.

Alfred: My pleasure!


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