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Interview with SOL’s highest performing sales agent for April 2022

Get on the ride and enjoy a cozy time with a sales expert who has made undeniable footprints in his career. He walked his way into the Hall of Fame by emerging as the most outstanding SOL DSA for the month of April. Enjoy the read!


SOL: Can we meet you?

Saminu: I am Sulaiman Saminu Ibrahim from Edo State. I studied Food Science Technology at the Federal Polytechnic of Kaura. I joined SOL in 2017 as a Direct Sale Agent.


SOL: You studied Food Science Technology but you chose a career in Sales? What informed your career choice?

Saminu: My childhood was responsible for my choice of career. I never knew while hawking iced water around in Kano, that I was building a lifelong career. I have always been into sales right from childhood. I developed skills such as persuasive skills, marketing skills, customer relations skills, resilience and determination unconsciously. Hawking iced block across streets and locations in Kano built me into a rugged sales agent.


SOL: A larger percentage of young graduates despise the Direct Sale Agent offer. As an experienced Sale Agent, what is your take?

Saminu: This job is like a blank cheque. This is where no employer dictates your salary. The fact is, opportunity does not come gift-wrapped but most young people are not ready to take reasonable risks. It is a mindset challenge and if not won, it remains a life-long trap.

SOL: You have been a direct sale agent (DSA) for almost a decade. What are the negative attitudes prevalent among DSAs?

Saminu: Hmmm, the most prevalent one is “low self-esteem”. Most DSAs believe they are inferior and it shows in the way they comport themselves. Others include;

  1. Laziness (80% of DSAs are lazy),
  2. Procrastination. Poor time management.
  3. Negative mindset. Mediocrity.

SOL: What was your most unhappy moment on the job.

Saminu: This used to be discouraging in my early years on the job. Customers can transfer aggression to you while encouraging them to drop deposits or open accounts. I have experienced some sudden anger outbursts and so on. However, I have developed several positive coping strategies to deal with this.

SOL: What is your most exciting moment on the Job?

Saminu: My wow moment was the day I brought a 40 million deposit to the bank. I was celebrated with a standing ovation. I was so thrilled. This was just a few months after I was employed.


SOL: What principles have been the bedrock of this enviable achievement?

Saminu: I have held on to these principles over the years and I would recommend them to any upcoming Sale Agent;

  1. Diligence.
  2. Time management.
  3. Integrity.
  4. Hard work and Smart work.

SOL: Who is Saminu in the next ten years?

Saminu: Saminu in the next ten years would be a big-time employer of labour in the hospitality industry. I intend to establish eateries where both intercontinental and local dishes would be served with a touch of class, luxury and sophistication.

SOL: It’s been great having you.

Saminu: My pleasure! Thank you.

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