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Interview with SOL’s highest performing sales agent for February 2022

Here is an exciting interview with Adebiyi Abiola. The all-time-award winning SOL DSE. Who has customers with an average balance of 1,050,761,033.94 Naira, with one of our clients in the financial institution. It is packed with top-notch strategies for being a superhero in the sales industry. This is worth reading a million times over!

SOL: Can we meet you?

Adebiyi: I am Adebiyi Abiola. A graduate of Accounting from the University of Ado-Ekiti. I joined SOL as outsourced staff on August 17, 2015.

SOL: Would you say your background in accounting is a major contributory factor to your success as a Sales Executive?

Adebiyi: I would to a large extent say “yes”. My knowledge as an accountant has given me an edge in my role as a bank marketer. I am usually considered knowledgeable and intelligent by the customers which often makes convincing them really easy. It has also enabled me to be helpful as regards giving guidance to customers in making financial decisions.

SOL: You have severally emerged as the best Direct Sales Executive (DSE). Would you share with us the principles on which this enviable success rides?

Adebiyi: I am addicted to consistency, self-discipline and an aggressive drive to seek Knowledge. I was employed alongside 6 other people the same day. I am the only one left among them as the others have been mandated to exit the job. My job is my identity as everyone who knows me is aware of what I do and also aware of how they can help me keep my job. I would always tell them, I am not begging you to give me money but open an account with me, give me salary accounts, give me referrals to keep me employed. I reach out to people on daily basis, ensure I guide them while taking up financial investments and maintain the relationship through self-discipline.

SOL: Comparing where you were before joining SOL and where you are present, how do you feel?

Adebiyi: I want to sincerely express my unreserved appreciation to SOL for giving me this great life-changing platform. I was a teacher while coming to Abuja but when I got here, I decided to engage in private practice. However, I encountered certain mountainous difficulties which thwarted that dream and that was when I got the SOL employment offer. I have achieved so much beyond what I could ever imagine. I have grown and advanced professionally, financially, and relationship-wise, to mention but a few. I thank God every day for helping me this much.

SOL: A popular business quote says “success is 20% skills and 80% strategy”, would you share with us the strategy that has earned you this magnitude of success?

Adebiyi: I treat all customers with dignity and great respect. My relationship with my customers is not based on who brings what. The same treatment is given to a customer who deposits #1000 and #10 million. This has earned me referrals such that a customer who deposited #1000 provides a referral to a customer bringing #10 million. The strategy is ‘manage one well to get many”. If you treat a customer well, 100 other customers may be referred by him/her.

SOL: In your experience as a “stand-out marketer” who has several awards of excellence trailing his path, what calibre of people do you target as prospective customers?

Adebiyi: Every adult is a potential target. Retirees, students, market women, corporate workers, civil servants, artisans, etc. I have the responsibility of opening 101 accounts every month. I operate the 20/80 principle which simply means 80 per cent to provide the number and 20% to give the volume because only 20% of your customers would give you the required monthly volume while the 80% would help reach the numbers (101) of accounts opening requirement. I have a personal timetable structured as 15 working days for those to provide the numbers (101 monthly accounts opening target) and five 5 working days to seek deposits to increase the cabal volume. This is because only one person can give the deposit volume.

SOL: What is your most exciting experience on the job so far?

Adebiyi: I have experienced several beautiful moments on this job. Each time I am called for one award or the other, it gladdens my heart and energizes me to do more. I have received several such awards.

SOL: What is your most unhappy moment on the job?

Adebiyi: On that fateful day I left the bank healthy to go for marketing as I do daily. However, after working till evening, while returning to the bank, I felt so weak and my sight started losing clarity. I was so perplexed as I could not understand what that was. However, today I am back, stronger and better than ever.

SOL: As a role model to others, what word of advice do you have for your colleagues?

Adebiyi: 1. Do not look down on yourself, if you do, others will look down on you.

               2. Seek knowledge to sound convincing.

               3. Be a person of integrity. Do not spend customers’ money or borrow it.

               4. Always carry your supervisors along in all decisions. This is a very strong cover for you

should there be any accusation against you.

               5. Be sincere. Do not pretend to go for marketing when you head home to sleep. People

     do this. It will tell sooner or later.

SOL: Who is Adebiyi in the next 10 years?

Adebiyi: My ten-year-plan involves professional development which includes bagging professional qualifications such as ACCA as well as being an entrepreneur; having my own auditing firm.

SOL: It’s been great having you.

Adebiyi: The pleasure is mine.

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