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Interview with SOL’s highest performing sales agent for January 2022

The SOL editor, Tolulope Olasoji engaged Abdallah Ahmed Maishamu, a well-distinguished gentleman with a series of accomplishments in the ever-thriving business of Sales and marketing. Who has customers with an average balance of 507,273,103 Naira between January 2021 and December 2021 with one of our clients in the financial institution. His sales experience is awesome, his principles eye-opening and his ambition exciting.

Grab a seat, and enjoy the read!

SOL: Can we meet you?

Abdallah: I am Abdallah Ahmed Maishamu from Sokoto State. I studied Linguistic and English language at Kebbi State University with a second-class lower division in 2013. I have eight years of banking experience. I joined Strategic Outsourcing Limited in August 2019.

SOL: A grammarian turned a sales agent? How has your knowledge of linguistics and English helped in your banking career?

Abdallah: I applied for Banking and Finance and Economics at the University but was given Linguistic and English. I decided to take the offer instead of waiting an extra year at home. The course I studied has impacted my career as it gives me a good command of words. I have a good level of verbal intelligence.

SOL: You have emerged as the best DSA for January, what are the principles this your enviable success ride on?

Abdallah: I had no referral at the beginning. I started from scratch but I was resilient and determined. My prospects often say no at the inception, some even refused to see me or pick up my calls but I persisted. 2/3rd of my customers ignored me severally but my persistence won them over. Some have been with me since 2019. Also, integrity is my watchword. I must assert that a good knowledge of the business is a major principle.

SOL: What is your most shocking or embarrassing experience on the job.

Abdallah: I travelled from Plateau State to Lagos to meet a prospective customer who was a very busy person with two existing accounts in two high-profiled banks. I, however, advertised my bank to him, he listened and said, I will ask you one question, I said yes, being eager to convince him. Then he asked for the type of account that would yield him high interest on deposit, I answered wrongly, he said I lacked the knowledge of what I do, I kept saying I was right but when I got back to Plateau, I met my superiors, I was told the man was right. I felt so disappointed in myself, I had sleepless nights and felt like I wasted a great opportunity but I did not relent, I got prepared again and went back to him, he refused to pick up my calls, refused to see me severally, I persisted and today he has withdrawn his accounts from the other two banks to use my bank. He has been with me for up to four years and is still now my biggest customer.

SOL: You travelled from Plateau to Jos in search of one customer and you went more than once, what do you see in an individual to consider him or her a prospect?

Abdallah: Individuals that I perceive to possess a good potential for growth in their businesses. I also approach people of timber and calibre, these people in question may not have the means for huge deposits but may influence those who have such means.

SOL: Experience has sharpened your horizon as a seasoned salesperson. How best can a DSA approach a prospective customer?

Abdallah: Most DSAs feel intimidated to meet high-profiled prospects. This should not be. These tips would help to a large extent;

·        Confidence is a huge booster to success while approaching a high profiled customer.

·        Look good, smell nice, use your ID card.

·        Do not take “no” as a final answer.

·        Have a concrete plan. I usually list the names of prospects in order of their importance. Each time I succeed in one, I tick it done and move to the next. Last year January, I listed 27 names. As I talk 19 have opened accounts with me.

SOL: What was your most exciting moment on the job?

Abdallah: It was my first day on the job. I was the only Hausa person who was recruited in my batch. The manager looked at me and told me, I believe in you, I know you will deliver. That was the statement that spurred me to action.

SOL: You have been with SOL since 2019, what are the milestone achievements you have heard?

Abdallah: I was so broke that I could not even think of marriage before I joined SOL. Now, I am married. I bought a plot of land and have almost completed my building. Also, I was a very shy person, I could hardly greet people but I have become very bold and confident.

SOL: Your dreams and Ambitions

Abdallah: I have a plan of establishing a large-scale farm. Majorly into fishing and crop production. I also intend to export crops to other countries

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