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Interview with SOL’s highest performing sales agent for March 2022

Meet the esteemed sale representative that has carved her name in gold in the sales industry by shooting for the stars in her career which has earned her landmark achievements of excellence! she has customers with an average balance of N675,625,552.68. Join me in a cozy ride to the world of Comfort Ebun Aiyegbiroju! Have a nice travel!

SOL: Can we meet you?

Comfort: I am Comfort Ebun Aiyegbiroju from Kogi State. I had my primary education at St Paul Kabba. I could not attend a secondary school due to financial challenges as a result of the Death of my father, ‘Captain Aiyegbiroju’ so I was enrolled in tutorial classes at Newton Education Jos to study for WAEC. I got admitted into the University of Jos where I studied Law. After the completion of my University education, I started a small business during which I got a job offer at SOL as a DSA in 2010 with a salary of N18,000.


SOL: A “lawyer” turned a “marketer”, tell me, what’s the catch?

Comfort:  I started business in order to make ends meet at a very young age due to the demise of my father as my mother was a full-time housewife at the time of his death. I was introduced into hawking by my grandmother to source for our daily livelihood. I also traded to sponsor my University education. Therefore, law was the theoretical aspect of me while marketing has been the core of my existence and the practical ways of solving my problems which was chiefly finance I informally developed marketing skills due to the experiences surrounding my upbringing Therefore, it was a natural way of expressing myself. Marketing for me is a hobby, a way of life and a problem-solving skill.


SOL: What word would sufficiently describe your experience at SOL?

Comfort: “Great”! “Great”!


SOL: Most memorable moment on the job?

Comfort: Wow!! I have had several exciting moments on the job. These moments include my monthly “birthdays”, that’s the monthly salary alerts. It’s always a wow every month as it is not usually static. That is always a wow moment for me. On that day of payment, I often spoil myself and my kids. The rest days can be normal.

Other wow experiences were the constant increments in my variables. After the first three months of my employment as a DSA which was in 2011, I earned N100,000, later N200,000 and by August 2015, I started earning N500,000 variable monthly. At that point I began making investments, buying lands and building houses. I was promoted to Sales Champion and I was the first Sales Champion in my region. My growth on the job was so rapid such that presently, my monthly variable has more than doubled what I earned in 2015. I can not be grateful enough for God’s faithfulness. I appreciate the life-changing SOL platform.

SOL: Let us take a journey through the memory lane; compare and contrast your expectations (as a new employee in 2010) on the job and your reality.

Comfort: Sincerely, I never knew I would reach this cadre or record this level of success. My reality has surpassed my expectations. I have struggled all through my life. I have had it rough, so rough but see how I have emerged. This is a dream I was not even capable of imagining as at the time I was offered this employment. I have evolved greatly. I am really thankful to God, SOL, my Branch Manager and fellow DSAs.

My story is a typical example of grass to grace. I was born with a silver spoon but it was cruelly taken away as soon as my dad passed leaving us with a wife who was a full-time housewife. I was left to survive with nothing so each day was a humongous task. As I survived each day, something was being formed in me. Resilience, determination, relentlessness, focus and perseverance.

SOL: A wise quote goes thus, “same principles that make a good story also make a good life. What principle(s) does your consistent success ride on”?

Comfort: I believe in myself. I have the “can do” spirit. I am ever willing to face challenges, I get energized when I receive a “NO” as I sure would get a “YES”, I celebrate every little success, and I am detailed to a fault.

SOL: Richard Brason says, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small”. Would you share with us the ever-daunting dream of this award-winning sales Mogul?

Comfort: The truth is, I really have a big one! My retirement plan which is a decade’s time is to become the next “Dangote” of Africa. I want to establish water manufacturing companies producing bottled water, sachet water, dispenser water, etc. I picked this line of business after a very intense survey of human needs analysis. The dream would keep evolving to capture the prevailing demands of the future. As for the marketability of the product, everyone drinks water, so it is a product for all, the poor, the rich, elites and unschooled, old and young, male and female.

SOL: The fact is that nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced. Based on your experience on the job, what are the do’s and don’ts of a Direct Sales Agent job?

Comfort: DSA job can make or mar a person. It can lead to both the palace and the prison. It is all your choice. The following rules apply;

  • Pay attention to details.
  • Ask questions for sufficient clarifications.
  • Do not alter or forge signatures.
  • Supervisors should be carried along in all dealings with the customers.
  • Do not steal from customers.

SOL: Your job designation is quite demanding. How do you de-stress?

Comfort: I don’t post pone happiness. I celebrate myself even when I have not done as much as I expected. I love me!

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