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Interview with SOL’s highest performing sales agent for May 2022

His best quote, “my only competitor is the person I was yesterday”, his philosophy, “You may see me struggle but you will never see me quit”, … his goal, “Leading the Best”! Come along and meet a top trailblazer in the banking sales sector! who has customers with an average balance of N4,630,782,846.82 Join the SOL editor as she unravels the principles of retaining success with Sulaiman Saminu Ibrahim. Read and be wowed!

SOL: What word best describes “Sulaiman Saminu Ibrahim”?

Saminu: “Excellence”, “Excellence”, “Excellence”. That’s the word.

SOL: You have been with Strategic Outsourcing Limited since 2017, how can you describe SOL?

Saminu: Strategic Outsourcing Limited is a platform for young people to make their dreams become their reality. It is the bridge between where you are and where you wish to be.

SOL: If you were not a Sale Agent? What would you be?

Saminu: Hmmm…., trust me, I will always choose a career in the marketing industry. It’s my natural habitat. That’s me!

SOL: At what point did you discover this potential?

Saminu: At childhood…... I never knew it was going to become a lifelong profession.

SOL: You have consistently held the trophy of the “Best DSA” for some months now. When do you plan to let it go?

Saminu: Achieving success is not a major feat but retaining it is the signature of enviable success. Retaining the same level of success is a form of cowardice. Raising the bar is the hallmark of excellence. Excellence is my watchword; therefore, I have set the pace, and let the challenge start…

SOL: Your cumulative average for the first half of the year is mind-blowing…, What’s the goal for the second half of the year?

Saminu: My least expectation is to double it. The sky is just a starting point.

SOL: What are the qualities of a “Stand-Out Direct Sale Agent”?

Saminu: The qualities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Resilience.
  • Ingenuity.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence.
  • Integrity.
  • Strict adherence to workplace policies and code of conduct.

SOL: Direct Sale Agents usually raise several allegations against some banking policies that toughen up the process of account opening and other Key Performance Indicators. What is your take on this?

Saminu: Choose optimism instead of pessimism. Bank policies may not be changed. The policies were instituted for certain reasons. What we should do is create a robust relationship with the customers. Sell value to them. Understand the bank products and convince them that the hassle is worth it. Explain the benefits that accrue to them while banking with your bank. Manage the clients professionally.

SOL: Cases of fraudulent activities are on the increase in Nigeria. How can a sales agent safeguard the customers from being victims?

Sulaiman: A professional Sale Agent should be the first call for his customers when at risk of being swindled out of their hard-earned money. Calls must be responded to ASAP, phone must be on 24/7. DSAs must be enlightened about security tips such as:

  • Do not give any financial information to a third party.
  • Sale Agents must be cautious with customers’ information. Do not expose your customers.
  • Provide customers with hard token instead of soft token.
  • Engage customers on internet banking to view transaction reports and history.
  • Provide customers codes that can be used to block their lines should they fall victim to theft or loss of phones, ATM cards, etc.
  • Enlighten customers about information the bank will never request them to provide.

SOL: Every job has a degree of risk attached to it. What are likely job risks for Direct Sale Agents?

Saminu: There are risks but the good news is they are preventable; A few include;

  • Opening of accounts for customers that are into money laundering. This can be avoided through proper background checks.
  • Loss of customers’ money. This is preventable through adhering to banking policies. We are not responsible for picking up cash. We are not bullion vans. Individuals should prevent transporting cash from customers’ shops or houses to the bank. The “customer” might even set-up an attack while in transit with the money and later lay claims on the same money he had stolen. Wisdom is important.
  • High level of insecurity. DSAs fix appointments with random individuals to seek deposits. Due to the security situation, caution is necessary. Timing of appointment, venue of appointment, the profile of prospective customers, etc. can help trim down the risk severity.

SOL: What rare privileges do DSAs enjoy?

Saminu: This is the only job that permits you to be richer than your employer legitimately. It also creates an opportunity of improving your social circle as you meet people of different religious, economic and social backgrounds every day. This job also provides us ample time to pursue self-development.

SOL:  Would you embrace request for mentoring from upcoming DSAs?

Saminu: Absolutely!  

SOL: We are privileged to have you!

Saminu: The pleasure is mine.

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