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Interview with SOL's highest performing sales agent for December 2021

Celebrating a Sales Mogul

The SOL editor, Tolulope Olasoji is privileged to engage a huge sales mogul in an explosive interview session where he unveils his journey to stardom as the sales representative of December. You don’t want to miss a bit of this. Happy reading!

SOL: Can we meet you?

Chibuike: I am Adibe Victor Chibuike, from Anambra State. I attended the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, State where I studied Public Administration. I joined Strategic Outsourcing Limited on January 11, 2020.

SOL: What was the attraction to the marketing career?

Chibuike: Ok….., At a time when I was a student at the Institute of Management & Technology, I had a friend who was working at the bank as a sales agent. I was so intrigued by the job and his disposition towards it. I got interested and decided to pursue the same career. I must say I love my job, especially the marketing aspect of it.

SOL: By statistics, you are one out of a hundred to admire marketing as most sales representatives would rather prefer to opt for sit-in jobs than marketing. What is the catch?

Chibuike: I do not like a monotonous, routine-like job like being a teller or customer service officer. They are good, but my personality does not fit perfectly into such job roles. I prefer meeting people, being creative, meeting new challenges, and resolving them. This helps me wake up to something new each day. That is where I thrive.

SOL: How has been the job experience so far?

Chibuike: I have had it most pleasant. My soft and hard skills have been very helpful. I understand many languages and communicate fluently with them. This avails me the access to their trust and I could convince them easily as we communicate in their dialect. I go to the settlements of the various communities in the state, present my products to them in the most explicit way and the rest has been history.

SOL: You joined SOL during the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. You were there throughout the heat of the shutdown. How did you manage the period and retain your customers?

Chibuike: I was always checking on them. During the time of the partial lockdown, I would sometimes go to the bank with them to help them speed up the service they want to access.

SOL: would you kindly unveil the principles that your enviable success rides on.

Chibuike: I have a culture of positive self-carriage. I dress well and it earns me a lot of recognition. I invest in that because of the nature of my job and the calibre of people I approach. I also provide investment education for my customers. Most of them believe in investing in properties instead of bringing money to the bank. I advise them on some properties that would not appreciate in value after acquisition or would not readily attract buyers and discourage such investments, then convince them to keep such in the bank. Another important thing I do is that I do my research, look at individuals and organizations that can give me what I want, and then approach them. The answers may at first be a “no” but persistence prevails and brings a “yes”.

SOL: What is your career ambition?

Chibuike: I wish to grow my career to become a bank Managing Director in a decade.

SOL: It was nice having you.

Chibuike: My pleasure. Thank you.


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