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SOL celebrates its Exceptional Staff with Founder's Day Experiential Award

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Strategic Outsourcing Limited (SOL), a leading personnel and HR business process management and outsourcing company has announced the winners of its inaugural Founder's Day Experiential Award.

The award, which was instituted by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Femi Ogunlowo to honour and celebrate the remarkable contributions and achievements made by its exceptional staff members, recognises those who have consistently exceeded their job responsibilities, significantly impacting SOL and its client organisations.


The award is aligned with SOL's mission to help youths achieve a decent start in life and fulfil their purpose, and its vision to be "the place" where dreams become real. The award also reflects SOL's core values of empathy for others, honesty to self and others, and respect for self and others, which guide its actions and interactions.


The Founder's Day Experiential Award is a testament to SOL's unwavering commitment to acknowledging and celebrating its exceptional staff members' outstanding talent and dedication. It is an opportunity to celebrate those who have demonstrated a passion for excellence and innovation that has greatly contributed to the company's success.


The award winners were selected from 170 applications through a rigorous evaluation process. They are:


- Umar Al- Mustapha, for being the best sales personnel in his branch and receiving the best sales personnel award nomination.

- Paul Idoko, the Zonal Manager -North, for expanding business opportunities in North.

- Oluwatimileyin Oyedele, an employee engagement officer, for introducing a centralised platform for staff engagement.

- Olamipo Ganiyu, the claims resolution officer, for resolving claims that had been repudiated and saving the organisation from an out-of-pocket settlement.

- Michael Adebayo Adediji, for being one of the most exceptional performing retail banking sales personnel in his region.

- Joseph Friday Agu, an IT support assistant, for providing on-the-job ICT training and support for many interns and staff members.

- Ifeanyi Sabastine Chukwudi, for his outstanding customer service

- Faduyi Imoleayo Michael, a banking operation staff, for frustrating fraud and being a leading light for due diligence.

- Elijah Patrick, a retail banking operations personnel, for initiating an innovative workflow that has helped his branch cut the time required for the end-of-day till reconciliation.

- Blessing Taire, financial inclusion personnel, for being one of the most outstanding sales representatives.

- Asenime Martins, the client acquisition for contributing to the digital marketing infrastructure of SOL.


These outstanding individuals have set an exemplary standard for excellence, leadership, and commitment within the organisation. Their achievements inspire us all to reach greater heights and remind us of the incredible impact we can make when we invest our passion and talents into our work.


As part of the award, the winners will enjoy an all-expenses-paid weekend getaway with their families. This is a way of making the award truly experiential and rewarding them for their hard work and dedication.


SOL is proud of its exceptional staff members who have made it an exciting place to work. The company looks forward to celebrating more achievements and milestones with them in the future.

2023-07-26 14:09:48


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