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SOL establishes inhouse Occupational Therapy Unit

On October 2, 2020, Strategic Outsourcing Limited the leading Personnel Outsourcing organisation in Nigeria formally established its Occupational Therapy Unit. This is in response to the identified need to support mental health of our almost ten thousand staff.

The primary goal is to provide free, short term, non-judgmental, empathic, and confidential employee support interventions. It is also to provide required guidance and support to overcome any personal, emotional, and professional difficulties and lead to improved psychological wellbeing and enhanced productivity.

‘At SOL we take the total well being of all our staff very seriously, while the HMO scheme is there to take care of the physical health, we have engaged an Occupation Therapist to give support to the staff’s mental wellbeing, which is equally as important as the physical’ said Dr Femi Ogunlowo, Group CEO

Serah Akindele resumed at SOL as the Resident Occupation Counsellor to mark the establishment of the Unit. She is charged with the primary role maintaining the psychological and emotional wellbeing of all staff. Serah is a Certified Educational Psychologist who prior to joining the organisation had worked with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation. She attended Arizona State University in the United States as well as London Teachers Training College, England.

We are delighted to have established this unit, in less than two months we are beginning to record gains of having the counsellor around for staff to easily access. This is evidenced by the immediate embrace of the unit and the full booking on the counsellors calendar. We also have positive feedback from our Clients' said Francesca Gabriel, Group Head HR

2020-11-26 14:23:12


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