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SOL Launches Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal for Operational Excellence

Strategic Outsourcing Limited in its commitment to using Technology to continuously drive innovation and enhance Operational Excellence, the organisation has launched its Employee self-service (ESS) Portal a key part of its proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

The ESS is being launched with Leave Administration and Pay Slip modules fully activated. With these two modules, all staff of Strategic Outsourcing Limited almost running to 10,000 staff spread across Nigeria can now apply for their Leave as well as access and print payslip. This innovation has been championed by the Digital Transformation Team led by Ugo Ikpe.

With the Leave Administration, module staff can apply for leave ahead of time, the supervising officer gets notified for approval. Once the approval is given the details go into the staff record i.e. the number of days approved, the number of days remaining, nature of leave approved etc. This makes the information accessible anytime even when the staff has exited.

For the Payslip module staff can now easily view details of their pay when they log into the portal. All elements of the staff pay such as PAYE, Pension, NHF, loan deductions, Bonus etc are detailed as elements on the Payslip module. This is to enhance employee experience, especially for those who require to print for such things as VISA applications, Bank transactions etc.

‘We decided to start with the Leave Administration & Payslip modules because these two are so important to every employee. Easy access and administration in these two areas guarantee quick onboarding of the staff which will result to staff satisfaction and efficiency from our experience’ said Francesca Gabriel, Group Head HR.

We have identified the need to save time and increase efficiency within our organisation hence we are aggressively driving the Digital Transformation across all areas hence the launch of the ESS is one of the projects, other modules will soon go live’ said Ugo Ikpe

2022-03-04 14:02:40


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