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Strategic Outsourcing Limited successfully completes SBIR Audits.

Despite the pandemic and lockdown in the year 2020 which resulted in enormous disruption of the business landscape, Strategic Outsourcing Limited has completed the 2019 Year Assessment audits by the Lagos, Ogun, Ekiti, Kogi States Board of Internal Revenue.

Peter Onyekpe, Ag Chief Risk and Compliance Officer in his report to the Executive Management Team observed that “despite the lockdown and the limited instances of physical meetings, the audit this year helped us to appreciate the strength of the sustainable system we have been consciously building. It has also helped us to appreciate our internal Operation and Risk Management team’ said. The team ensured all documents required by the relevant tax authorities were easily accessible by their representatives and were prompt to respond to questions asked during the audit. Most importantly we ensured we complied with all meeting protocols as required in the new normal”.

The GMD, Dr Olufemi Ogunlowo, commended the Ag Chief Risk and Compliance Officer and his team for the rigour with which they prepared for the exercise and the acumen, dedication and sense of responsibility they applied during the exercise.

2021-01-29 10:20:56