We Eliminate your Statutory Compliance Risk and Offer you Peace of Mind

Eliminate structural errors in payroll

Avoid tax errors

Avoid potential regulatory penalties

Eliminate your exposures to payroll-related statutory and regulatory risks

Reduce the time required by the management team to attend to various government and regulatory agencies

All you need to know About Us

Who We Are

 We timeously work with our clients to assure compliance playing a role that goes beyond advisory; we offer a complete spectrum of the payroll management services in complete accordance with generally accepted bookkeeping and accounting standards; and comply with all federal and state laws or regulations clients.

What We Offer

Pay Staff

We ensure the timely payment of staff remuneration.

Respond to NHF Audit

We assist with the National Housing Fund Audit as at when due

Respond to Pencom Audit

We Assist the firm in responding to National Pension Commission audit amongst other services.

Remit PAYE Tax Did You Know: The due date for remitting the PAYE is the 10th day of every month following the month of deduction and must file its return not later than 31st Jan. of every year & any employer that contravenes pays a penalty of N500,000 (S. 81(2&3)of PITA)

Timely remittance of PAYE with evidence of payment to necessary authorities

Run Payroll

We prepare your Payroll, its administration as well as structuring; and thereby shield you from possible statutory risks or liabilities that could arise.

Remit Pension Did You Know: You are to contribute a minimum of 10% of each employee's emolument & deduct 8% of employee's wages (S.4); Remit to PFA of choice within 7days of the date of salaries payment (S.11).

We also ensure the remittance of pension contributions to the right PFAs so as to avoid penalties that arise as a result of late remittance or non-remittance; and also help the firm process it’s Certificate of Compliance.

Remit to Employee Compensation Scheme (ECS) Did You Know: You're obligated by the ECA to contribute 1% of annual payroll (S. 33); also Keep complete & accurate particulars of the employees payrolls (S. 39) and provide signed copies of employers payrolls not less than 31st Dec. in each year (S. 39).

We help ensure that the stipulated contributions to be remitted to ECS are made so as to provide adequate and timely compensation for employees who suffer injuries/diseases in the course of their employment; and prevent avoidable litigation(s).

Remit to the National Housing Fund (NHF) Did You Know: The bank shall render annual returns to all contributors showing amongst other things total contributions. And any employer who fails to remit or make deductions from employees basic salary is guilt of an offence and can be fined upto N50,000.

Ensuring the mandatory contribution to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria is made seamlessly and also help monitor the issuance of employee passbook; and thus avoid possible non-compliance risks or litigation.

Remit to the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Did You Know: Under ITF, You are obligated to contribute 1% of Annual Payroll for previous year before 1st April of Current year; where employees are 5 or more; or Turnover is above N50m. (S.6). And Failure to Contribute would attract 5% monthly interest.

Every employer having either 5 or more employees in its establishment, or having less than 5 employees but with a Turnover of N50m and above per annum, shall, in respect of each calendar year and or the prescribed date, contribute to the Fund one per centum of its total annual payroll. We help you with this process as well as the help monitor the issuance of compliance certificate.

File Annual Tax Return Did You Know: There's 1% bonus for early filing according to PITAct (SS. 41, 44 & 45)

We ensure timely submission of tax returns to the relevant Tax Authority in the manner prescribed by law and in accordance with the laid down administrative procedure.

Respond to NSITF Audit

We assist you in keeping proper books of account and record for the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund yearly audit, thereby stripping you off worries as well as saving you more time to concentrate on other core aspect of the business


SOL will generate salary schedule monthly .

SOL remit and file appropriate returns timely.

SOL will process compliance certificate with relevant agencies.

SOL will ensure that your payroll structures comply with all statutes and regulations.

SOL will provide support through the process of any audit by any relevant statutory agency.