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Do you need quality staff?

Do you want to save time and avoid the hassles of recruitment?

Are you concerned about the due diligence of your employees?

All you need to know About Us

Who We Are

As an organization with a wealth of knowledge and experience of over a decade in Human Resources, we help businesses take charge of all or part of their recruitment processes including: Sourcing, Screening, Interviewing, Background Checks, Evaluation and Recommendation.

We understand the need to get the right talent for the job to aid the growth of every business. At SOL, we pride ourselves in delivering top talents to our clients.

With our presence in 20 locations nationwide, we recruit locally in proximity to our clients’ business locations. We help our clients recruit various categories of staff nationwide.

Our recruitment fees are standardized and affordable.

What We Offer


We understand the difficulties in attracting top talents. At SOL we help you attract the best fit for the job through our robust database of top candidates.


We conduct a thorough interview for potential candidates and present the best fits to you.


It is our policy in SOL to recommend to you top 3 candidates for every single position.


We offer pre-employment tests suitable for the role.

Background Checks

You can put your minds at rest concerning associated risks of engaging a shady character. We would carry out a comprehensive background check such as: reviewing criminal records, verifying employment history and the eligibility of prospective employees.


Quality Hires

At SOL, our team of recruiters are experts in delivering top talents to our clients. We have an existing database of top talents and recommend the talent with the right cultural fit for your organization.

Reduced Cost

At SOL, we offer you top talents at a reduced cost. We also replace any staff that resigns within 3 months at no extra cost to you.

Time and Energy Saving

Our service allows you to save time and energy thereby making the HR personnel to focus on other key functions.


With a record of deploying 500 personnel nationwide to our clients within two weeks, we pride ourselves in our prompt delivery of targets to our clients.