Staff when you need it and give you Peace of Mind

If you want to eliminate the exposures to the employment-related statutory and regulatory risks for some or all your job functions or you simply seek to focus management attention on more Strategic Business issues for a flexible workforce on a contractual basis, then SOL Temporary Staff Services is for you.

We offer employment to the staff thus you eliminate all statutory and regulatory liabilities.

We provide you with Staff with the necessary skills, experience and knowledge for your job functions. Our processes are robust and yet flexible, enabling you to choose from the candidates that fit your requirements and to reduce or expand your augmented team whenever you need to.

All you need to know About Us

We provide staff when you need

Our Temporary Staff Services provide you with any number of personnel in diverse categories of staff in all sectors of the Economy and help you manage them for a specific period.

This includes the employment contract of the staff and responsibility for all employment-related statutory obligations.

We offer our clients end-to-end services and take away the challenges and associated cost of recruiting, training, managing, retaining, and man-power planning.

Our operations conforms to international best practices. We hold the requisite permits and licenses required by law to offer our services and hold a current ISO 9001-2015 Certificate of Conformity for Quality Management System.

We operate from 20 business offices that covers all geopolitical zones of Nigeria. This makes us the Outsourcing Company with the largest network of business offices in Nigeria.

What We Offer

Recruitment and Placement

We identify, screen, recruit and place eligible candidates.

We provide three suitable candidates for every role and give you the opportunity to choose the candidate you consider best fit.

We undertake comprehensive background check for the staff we deploy to you. This includes:

  • Educational qualification
  • Guarantor check
  • Medical fitness
  • Social media check
  • Previous employer reference check

Performance Management

We monitor the performance of the staff and perform performance appraisals.

We hold periodic performance improvement clinics and provide continuous training and development.

We provide performance incentives to top performing staff.

Employees also have access to a 24hr Live chat for performance and HR support.

Employment Contract Management

We execute appropriate engagement contract and comply with all statutes. We are responsible for all employment-related statutory and regulatory obligations under

  • Labour Act 1971
  • Pension Reform Act 2014
  • National Health Insurance Scheme Act 1999
  • National Housing Fund Act 1992
  • Industrial Training Fund Amendment Act 2011
  • Employee Compensation Act 2010
  • Personal Income Tax Act (As Amended) 2004
  • Companies Income Tax (Rates, etc of tax Deducted at source (Withholding Tax) Regulations 1997

We provide comprehensive HR services to the staff including

  • Leave Administration
  • Payroll Administration
  • HMO Administration
  • Group Life Insurance and Employee Compensation Scheme

Reward and Incentive Management

We implement agreed performance and reward system to motivate and drive performance of outsourced staff.

We undertake the Payroll Administration including all statutory returns.


Allows you to focus your management attention on the core activities of your business.

Absorbs the burden of managing employment contracts while you retain the benefits of the employment.

Limits your exposure to employment-related statutory and regulated risk.

Translates personnel cost to productivity

Control hiring costs

Clients Obligation's

As part of our procedures and standard, the client shall provide an environment which is conducive for work and necessary equipment to facilitate the performance and duties of the staff deployed by us.

The client has the obligation to provide functional training necessary for superior performance with respect to the nature or quality of the work.

Exercises like these may be necessary in relation to the manner of execution of the Client’s work.

We will ensure that the staff comply with all instructions and remain subject to the above stated.

  • Basic
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Utility
  • Leave Allowance
  • 13th Month

  • Group Life Insurance
  • Employer's Contribution to Pension
  • ITF (1% Gross)
  • ECA (1% of Gross)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Uniform and PPE
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Training

  • Perfomance Incentive (if any)

  • Management Fee
  • VAT on Management Fee

Staff Category Under Managed Staff Services

We provide our clients with personnel in diverse categories under Managed Staff Services and have managed over 40,000 employees for its clients since inception

Operations Support

  • Customer Care Officers
  • Accountants
  • Tellers
  • Funds Transfer
  • Banking Operations

Office Support

  • Office Administrators
  • Executive Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Receptionist
  • Concierge
  • Office Assistants

Factory Support

  • Production Staff
  • Packers
  • Sorters
  • Loaders

Technical Support

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • ATM Support Officers
  • IT Support Officers

Transportation Support

  • Drivers
  • Dispatch Riders


  • Direct Sales
  • Agents Agent
  • Field Officers

Business Continuity

We have up-to-date and robust technology infrastructure and Business Continuity Plan


Employee Self Service

Institutional Repository

Physical File

E-file in offsite vault

AOPN Blacklist

Our Clients

Past and Present


SOL will never request payment from candidates