Who is SOL?

Established in 2006, SOL is a leading Primary Employment Agency and an HR business process provider that attracts, prepares, and deploys personnel to different organisations.

Why SOL?


How can I find current job openings?
Explore our careers page for fresh vacancies that are updated regularly.
What documents do I need to apply?
Typically, you will need
  • Your CV/Resume
  • Copies of your educational qualifications
  • Completed SOL Candidates Application Form (including details of your guarantor)
  • Two reference letters.
  • Does SOL charge applicants’ fees?
    No, SOL does not charge for employing any applicant
    How does SOL benefit if it doesn't charge applicants?
    SOL fulfils its mission “To provide a credible platform for a decent start for the youth...” by empowering young professionals by connecting them with employers. When applicants are placed with our clients, SOL receives a management fee for the staffing services.
    Does SOL only offer third-party jobs?
    SOL offers recruitment services (matching applicants directly with client companies), third-party deployments and employment opportunities with us.
    Can I use my profile across different SOL offices?
    Yes! Simply update your profile with your new location and any necessary documents.
    How do I apply for a job at SOL?
    Head over to our careers page and follow the straightforward application steps.
    What are the salary ranges?
    Salaries vary depending on the role, industry, and experience. Specific salary ranges are usually included in our job postings. Explore our careers page for details.
    Why does your company only allow Blood relatives as guarantors?
    SOL requires guarantors to be dependable individuals who can vouch for your commitment and performance. While blood relatives are a common choice, we also accept close friends, mentors, or colleagues who know you well professionally. If you have any questions about suitable guarantors, please do not hesitate to contact the SOL regional office close to you.
    Does SOL accept Corp members in their state offices?
    In line with the directive of the Federal Government, the NYSC corps members are posted to four critical areas of national development. These include Education, Agriculture, Rural Health and Infrastructure, and SOL does not fall into these categories.
    What is my highest salary while working at SOL?
    Salaries at SOL vary depending on the specific role, industry experience, and qualifications required. We strive to offer competitive compensation packages.
    What should I do if I have been working for some time and want to change to a different job within SOL?
    We encourage internal mobility at SOL! If you're interested in a new opportunity within the company, let your supervisor know and keep an eye out for internal job postings. You can also update your profile on the careers page to reflect your new skills and experience.
    If one applies during a Job Fair organised by SOL, how long does it take to get the job?
    The timeframe for receiving a job offer can vary depending on the position and the number of applications received. However, we aim to communicate effectively throughout the process. Following a job fair, you can expect an update within three business days if you move to the next stage.
    Why do they have to do pregnancy tests?
    In line with the company’s policy, newly resumed staff are eligible for annual and maternity leave after 12 months. Female applicants must prove they are not pregnant at the time of resumption.

    Do you still have questions?

    Feel free to contact our recruitment team at humanresources@solnigeria.com or call 0700 SOL NIGERIA (0700 765 644 3742).

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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