SOL is a human outsourcing firm that was founded in 2006. Our primary focus is on retail sales workers as well as services and support professionals.

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Anne Adamu

Anne AdamuManager HR, AB Costa Logistics

SOL Nigeria Limited has been an incredible partner for our company's staffing needs. Their expertise in staff outsourcing is unparalleled, and they have delivered exceptional results time and time again. The team at SOL Nigeria Limited is professional, efficient, and truly understands our unique requirements.

Emeka Obi

Emeka ObiMD/CEO, Cobanks Resources Ltd

SOL Nigeria's expertise in staff outsourcing is unparalleled, and their commitment to delivering top-notch services is truly commendable. With their dedicated team of experts, they seamlessly integrate into our operations, providing us with the support we need to drive our business forward. SOL Nigeria Limited is undoubtedly the go-to choice for all your staff outsourcing needs.

Lilian O

Lilian OOperations Manager, Chaldens Properties

SOL Nigeria Limited has truly revolutionized payroll managemen, streamlining and automating the entire payroll process of our company. Their attention to detail and accuracy ensure that my employees are paid promptly and correctly every time. I highly recommend SOL Nigeria Limited for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient payroll management solution.

Olakunle David

Olakunle DavidHR Admin, Cool Games Limited

SOL Nigeria Limited has been an invaluable partner in our sales management process. Their team of experienced professionals have provided us with invaluable insights and guidance. They have been highly responsive to our needs and have been able to provide us with solutions that have helped us increase our sales and profits.

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