SOL is a human outsourcing firm that was founded in 2006. Our primary focus is on retail sales workers as well as services and support professionals.

Our Strengths

Our strength is defined largely on the success of a combination of our expertise, strategies and technology

Sales Team

By offering Our Sales Team Strategic Support to help your company accomplish and surpass its business goals and objectives, our sales force outsourcing solution is positioned to boost your chance of success.

Digital Marketing Expertise

From small enterprises to large organisations, our digital marketing specialists have the know-how and expertise to deliver and carry out a wide range of digital projects to fulfil your marketing needs across the eight key components of digital marketing.

Operations and Administration Management

Our full-time managers and administrative employees are highly trained and carefully chosen to meet the evolving demands of your organisation.

Digital & Information Technology

Strategic Outsourcing Limited is an expert in the provision of IT personnel for the deployment, maintenance, and support of technology systems. We provide you highly skilled IT employees who possess all the necessary technical know-how as well as the soft skills necessary for them to function well at work.

Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping

To provide highly qualified experts for every role at every time, wherever, we rely on a solid performance management system, a large pool of financial specialists, and a business-first strategy approach.

Facts & Figures


Strategic Outsourcing limited is licenced by the Federal Government of Nigeria and commenced business in 2006 and has built a record of excellent services.


We have managed over 100,000 employees for clients since inception and have significant experience in many sectors including banking, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, etc

Happy Clients

We have assisted over 250 customers in achieving their targeted business outcomes, boosting income, and reducing the risks associated with conducting busines.

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